Increase in COVID-19 cases brings Ada County back to stage 3; Boise State temporarily closes campus

By Taylor Rico-Pekerol & Ashley Clark

Idaho officially moved into stage 4 of the Idaho Rebound Plan on June 11, but Ada County will now be going back to stage 3 as a spike in cases continues to grow.

Cases reached 3,585 over the weekend and health officials from the Central District Health Department believe returning to the staggered re-opening of businesses and closing all bars, nightclubs and large venues will help decrease the spread. 

In stage 3, gatherings of 10 to 50 are allowed as long as social distancing and precautionary practices are in place, according to the Idaho Rebound Plan. Nonessential travel is allowed but health officials ask that people quarantine for 14 days upon return. 

No further news has been given to when Ada County can return to stage 4.

Boise State students received an email on Monday evening stating that the campus will temporarily be closed June 23 through June 28. 

“Over the last 48 hours, the university has been notified of eight positive or presumed positive cases of COVID-19 in individuals who have been on campus during the past week,” the email stated.

The university announced it will be reaching out to anyone who may have come in contact with the individuals in order to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus. All departments will resume providing services remotely during the temporary closure of campus. 

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