Our best guess: April 21 – 27

Week of Apr 21  – April 27


Aug 23 – Sept 23

You are missing fulfillment this week, Virgo. Find something you can hone in on and spend your time with. Being unsure of your goals is not an option for you right now. With too much up in the air, you might start feeling overly anxious and without a strong sense of purpose. Put your talents to good use and find a project you are passionate about.


Sept 23 – Oct 22

You have had some difficult conversations with people lately, Libra. You are not feeling like everything has been perfectly resolved and that is bothering you deeply. Just try and open your heart to those around you and let them know how much you care about them, even if you are going through a rough time.


Oct 23 – Nov 21

You have done a 180, Scorpio. You feel like some sort of stubborness has left your body. Something is going to shift in your mind this week and you are going to gain the desire to reach out to others more. Put yourself aside for a bit and you will feel good being charitable, even if it just means lending an ear to those who need it.


Nov 22 – Dec 22

The moon and Venus are opposite you right now, Sag. This is a strange combination to have because one side of you is saying you want some time alone and the other is feeling like someone close to you needs you. Find a way to balance your time. Do not overwork yourself. Do everything, even interactions, in small bursts so that you are not burnt out.


Dec 22 – Jan 20

While several planets have left you, Pluto and Jupiter are sticking around for some time. Pluto is telling you that you are going through a massive change, which will change you in some way or another forever. Even though that might sound scary, Jupiter is there to bring you all the necessary good luck to make it through. Believe in yourself.


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Jupiter has also crossed over for you, Aquarius and Mars is on your side. You are going to have immense drive this week to get all of your tasks completed and you will have a splash of good luck while you are doing it. Do not be afraid to go all out on some end of the semester projects. It is going to pay off for you.


Feb 18 – March 20

Something is going to happen to you this week, Pisces, which makes your heart feel full. You have needed some extra attention and love and it is going to come to you when you least expect it. This event is going to show you how selfless people can be when they see others in need. It is going to fill a space you did not realize you had. Pay it forward.


March 20 – April 20

Keep up good communication skills this week, Aries. Mercury is on its way out for you, so take advantage of a little extra clarity and conciseness while it lasts. If you need to have any particularly important conversations, do not wait. Tell people what’s on your mind now, before it sits and festers for too long. Do not be afraid to be direct. 


April 20 – May 21

Do something just for you. Not just your normal self care day, Taurus, but something has happened in your life recently which should be highlighted. Do not let the state of the world get in the way of recognizing your accomplishments. Take more than a moment to showcase all the hard work you have done this year. Celebrate yourself.


May 21 – Jun 21

Love is in the air, Gemini, and, currently, it is self-love. Find a way to show yourself love this week. Remember all of the ways you are strong, kind and a good friend and family member. You are a good person who loves deeply. Let yourself feel all warm and fuzzy by simply saying, “I love myself”. Try to live those words.


Jun 21 – July 23

Cancer, it is almost time for a “you” day. Take a day in your upcoming week and do stuff that you want to do, exclusively, for the entire day. It is okay to indulge every once and awhile, so treat yourself. Realize that it is not selfish to give yourself appropriate self-care. Try to do something that feels nourishing to the soul.


July 23 – Aug 2

You have reached a benchmark in your personal life and/or career. Stop and smell the roses there for a while, Leo. This week, realize that even with the changes we are all going through currently, life is still whizzing by and it is just fine to want to live in the moment for a bit. Rushing from one thing to the next thing is not always healthy. So this week, try to just be.

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