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Hutchison to consider NBA opportunities

After another promising Bronco basketball season, fans were left to wonder what will happen to the Broncos’ Leading Scorer, Chandler Hutchison, as he attempts to enter his name into the 2017 NBA Draft.

Hutchison, currently a junior, made the decision to enter his name without signing an agent. This leaves him with the option to return to Boise State for his senior year if he doesn’t feel comfortable with the opportunities that arise.

Standing at 6 feet 7 inches and 193 pounds, Hutchison is a long and lanky player who plays aggressively on both ends of the court. Averaging 17.4 points per game and 7.8 rebounds this season, Hutchison showed that he has the versatility and work ethic to play at a higher level.

“Playing in the NBA is the goal that drives me every day and this process is the next step forward in making it a reality,” Hutchison told Boise State athletics after announcing his NBA intentions on April 10.

Due to the rule change passed on Jan. 13, 2016, players can enter the draft without an agent to get a clear picture of the interest they garner on the NBA level. If players feel that they won’t be drafted as high as they want—or realize they might have to start in the D-League and move up—they can choose to return to college and continue to showcase their talent on the collegiate level.

However, players must remove their name 10 days after the conclusion of the NBA Draft combine if they intend on returning to school. Another bonus in the new rule allows players to enter the draft multiple times without jeopardizing their eligibility, and may participate in the combine each year.

This new rule change was created to combat players declaring for the NBA preemptively and allowing them to return to school if there wasn’t a legitimate chance at making an NBA roster.

Hutchison is following the example of James Webb III, who declared for the NBA draft last season. Webb, who averaged 15.8 points per game along with 9.1 rebounds, went undrafted but was quickly signed to play for the 76ers’ Summer League roster.

Webb made the decision to sign with an agent after initially going without—which locked him into finding an NBA opportunity as well as closing his door to return to Boise State. Webb signed with agent Charles Briscoe.

Hutchison can be invited to start working out with NBA teams beginning April 25. He will also become a candidate for an invitation to the NBA Draft Combine—which is held in Chicago. If Hutchison decides he wants to return to Boise State, he will need to do so by May 24.

“I just want to become the best player I can be,” Hutchison told the Idaho Statesman. “And I believe it’s gonna be a process, so my focus is just continuing on getting better, and doing things that are gonna put me in the position to, in the future, be picked for an NBA draft.”

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