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Cycle into the summer with the Cycle Learning Center

With the sun finally shining, people are beginning to ride their bikes to school and around campus.

The Cycle Learning Center at Boise State—located under the Lincoln Parking Garage—offers a wide variety of services ranging from bike repairs to selling and renting.

“We are the central hub for all things bicycle,” said Gabe Finkelstein manager of the Cycle Learning Center.

The Cycle Learning Center encourages everyone to ride their bikes to help with the environment.

“Our mission is to make bicycle riding an option, and make bikes a reliable, healthy and affordable option for people here on campus,” said Finkelstein.

Parking on the Boise State campus is expensive, with the cheapest parking pass costing $118 and the highest $411. Purchasing a pass does not guarantee a spot, either, so biking is a good option, according to Finkelstein. But some students do not have a bike or maybe don’t want to buy one.

“We rent out bikes to students for the year. It is $120 for a semester and $180 for the year,” Finkelstein said. “Those come with a U-lock, lights, free maintenance and access to the bike barn—which are parking (areas) inside Lincoln and Brady garages.”

Semester loaners are not the only thing the Cycle Learning Center rents. If students are looking for a weekend adventure or maybe even a week of fun, full suspension mountain bikes and road bikes are options for rentals as well. They can be rented for a day, weekend or a week.

“For a student, it is $25 for the day, $40 for the weekend and $80 for the week,” said Finkelstein.

The Cycle Learning Center also has a free tuning station available for students to work on their bikes. For major repair, the full-functioning bike shop is at students’ service, according to Finkelstein. For students looking to get out into the warm weather, they can look no further than the Cycle Learning Center at Boise State.  

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