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Annual Seven Arrows Powwow celebrates Native American culture

The Seven Arrows Powwow, a celebration of Native American culture through dancing and drumming, will return to the Student Union Building for its 24th year. The event is organized by Boise State’s Intertribal Native Council and will take place in the Jordan Ballroom April 22 through April 23.

The event was once completely run by the Intertribal Native Council—a student organization designed to provide academic and social support to Native American students—but over last five years Boise State has offered their assistance with the event due to the small size of the organization. The member count ranges from five to seven members on any given year.

This year, there will be a host drum from Fort Hall, Idaho’s  Native American drumming group “Medicine Thunder.”

“The drum is the heartbeat of the powwow—without drumming there would be no powwow,” said Ro Parker, advisor for Intertribal Native Council.

Parker said the Intertribal Native Council wants everyone to feel welcome—regardless of ethnicity or race. According to Parker, in the past a large number of students who were not Native American felt they couldn’t take part in the event.

“It is important for our campus to visually see Native Americans because they are the majority of people that come to this,” Parker said. “It’s an opportunity for non-native folks to be immersed in a room where they might be outnumbered by Native Americans, which is very rare.”

Chanoa Hayes-Begaye and her sister Tanyka Begaye, co-directors for the Intertribal Native Council, have both attended powwows back home, but never had an opportunity to be a part of the creation of one.

“We want people to come and experience the culture the way we see it,” said Chanoa.

Alongside the dancing, singing and drumming, there will be vendors with different crafts and a storytelling session on Saturday evening.

The Intertribal Native Council is currently looking for volunteers to help set up and take down. For more information students can visit the Multicultural Student Services Facebook page.

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