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Spring season is finally here!

Cameron Gray

As Boise State turns the page on its worst winter in 25 years, we can officially say that the spring season is finally here.

After months of torrential snowfall and below freezing temperatures, the sun is finally out and trees are starting to blossom all around campus.

There are not many winter activities to engage in—besides snowboarding, skiing and building your occasional snowman, to name a few. Most people prefer to stay in a nice, warm place until the season has passed. However, now that spring is upon us, that is a different story.

The spring season gives students at Boise State an endless amount of activities to choose from, now that the sun is out and the weather is warmer.

Freshman and health science major, Jamie Woodward, loves the spring because of the weather and the list of activities she has to choose from.

“I’m so happy spring is finally here,” said Woodward. “I love being outside and the spring is the prettiest time of the year. I enjoy being able to do my homework outside in the sun, biking downtown and going to the farmer’s markets.”

Junior and radiology major, Tori Ellard, also enjoys the activities that come with the stunning beauty of spring in Boise.

“In the spring, I love taking walks along the greenbelt then stopping by the Sandbar for some food and outdoor live music,” said Ellard.

Now that the sun is out and shining, and along with the warmer weather, fun activities are never ending.

Boise is known for having a climate that has four distinct seasons. So although this past winter was more than anyone expected, we can bank on the spring being as pleasant as ever.

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