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Boise State sees continuous increase in housing applications as students pick their best options

As Boise State opens up the portals for campus housing applications for the 2017-2018 academic year, students are deciding if living on campus is the right choice for them.

National trends looking at where students are living have shown a consistent rise in college students choosing to live on campus—with roommates—rather than living at home or in an off-campus housing option, according to Director of Housing and Residence Life, Dean Kennedy. Similar trends are being seen at Boise State. The high encouragement of on-campus housing has helped contribute to this rising trend.

“Overall, we are seeing a 17 percent to 21 percent increase in applications from this year to last year,” Kennedy said. “Last year we received 400 more applications than anticipated for the first time in years. There was nothing in the past trends that could’ve closely predicted this.”

This is in part due to the collaborations between admissions and housing, according to Kennedy.

“Admissions counselors are now encouraging living on campus more compared to five to six years ago. Many admissions staff members either lived on campus or have a close connection to someone who did. As they are recruiting students, they are talking up what it is like to live on campus,” Kennedy said.

This encouragement is then followed by promotion of the academic benefits of on-campus living. These advantages are outlined in the Boise State “First Year Student Success-Expectations for Living on Campus” report summary of 2015, including an increased possibility of earning a higher GPA, a better likelihood of graduating and a stronger chance of getting a job in the student’s desired field.

“These benefits are prevalent nationally, and at Boise State—it is proximity based,” Kennedy said. “If you live where all of your resources are, then we believe you are more likely to succeed. Luckily, with the new building, we will still open with some vacant rooms in the fall to satisfy the high demand.”

Students, such as freshman biology major Luke Parker, agreed living on campus has benefits.

“Living in housing allows people to experience college life by meeting new individuals that they normally may not associate with,” Parker said.

Parker is originally from Colorado, so living on campus was a more convenient option.

“This is more efficient for me since I do not have a car. All amenities are very close— food, classes, stores and being very close to downtown is a benefit,” Parker said.

However, living on campus is still not the only viable option. Freshman biology and pre-medicine major, Nikole Nutting, is a local student who lives at home and sees it as an equally important option.

“I still wouldn’t live on campus, because I don’t think I would like the idea of consistently being around a group of people I don’t know,” Nutting said. “I plan on getting a place with my sister, and that is a better option for me—both are valid options.”

Students interested in learning more about on-campus housing options can visit the Housing portal on Boise State’s website.

“It’s completely up to the individual. There is no one size fits all suggestion,” Nutting said.

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