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Boise State Lacrosse team upsets No. 7 Oregon

Led by Alex Wilson and Brayden Holzer, posting the same score of four goals and two ground balls, allowed Boise State Lacrosse to upset No. 7 Oregon on Saturday, March 4.

Boise State Lacrosse won their second game of the season, putting their record at 2-1.

The Broncos had unfinished business from last year when they were beaten 17-9 at Oregon. But this year was different, the atmosphere on the field was one of control and confidence.

“Oregon was unable to control the ball and ended up defending most of the time,” said Austin Likely, a midfielder, who tore his ACL earlier this year.

Another contributing factor to the Broncos’ upset was Goalie Carson Bungay’s 17 saves. Attempt after attempt had the Oregon defense feeling tired and worn out.

“That was the game. We had the ball at a minute and 45 seconds and we were up by three; I knew it was a win,” said James Murphy, a midfielder for the Broncos.

Saturday’s game was the first of four home games to be played at Linkin Field.

Next week, Broncos Lacrosse will be away to take on the University of Nevada (1-2) and Stanford (2-3) in Reno, Nevada.

The team hopes to keep this momentum for the rest of the season and to stay on track with big upsets in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) according to Likely.

The next home game will be played against Oregon State on Saturday, March 18.