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Student employees put on Flappers and Dappers Casino Night

Swanky live jazz music, flapper dresses, classy suits, casino games, prizes and a unique photobooth. Boise State’s Student Involvement and Leadership Center will be hosting the Flappers and Dappers event for the third year Friday, Feb. 10 from 9 p.m. to midnight. The event will be free to all students.

“I would like to see the event continue on and become a campus tradition” said Melinda Jean Stafford, the Student Involvement Center’s campus program coordinator.

The fundamentals of the event will be mostly the same as the last few years, with one difference being a VIP lounge where everyone is invited to relax and mingle with their friends. There will also be an all student band called the David Le Quintet performing that night.

Luke Pacifici, a sophomore, international business major and programming assistant within the Involvement Center, described the event as “the best event of the spring semester”.

“This a great way to get involved with other students, meet other people, and play a bunch of fun games,” Pacifici continued. “I hope to see a bunch of students having fun with the different games, especially craps, which was lit last year.”

According to Stafford most students are unaware of the fact that this event is completely run by students for students. These students, called “programming assistants,” are paid by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center to plan and run multiple events on campus, and will be the people welcoming guests, giving out prizes and serving the food.