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Political involvement continues after Women’s March

After rallies took place Saturday, Jan. 21, the Women’s March on Washington website released a campaign titled, “10 Actions for the first 100 Days”.

Every ten days following the campaign’s launch, the site will release instructions for becoming politically involved in the upcoming months. With two actions released, this new campaign has become the focus of political activism. It directly calls for specific actions within the first one hundred days of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Political Science Professor Jaclyn Kettler said, “This new campaign was meant to harness the energy that remained from the march. It is very easy to follow and can keep the momentum going.”

Kettler said the hardest part about a social movements is keeping momentum, because there is often no immediate change.

The first action, which can be viewed on the Women’s March on Washington’s web page, is to write or print a postcard to send to local Senators about a social issue the person feels strongly about, with suggestions for what should be done to solve or improve it.

“What seems to be the goal of this action is to demonstrate to those of political influence that a lot of people care about specific issues and that they are paying attention. It demonstrates numbers,” Kettler said.

The second action is to create a “huddle”. Between Wednesday, Feb. 1 and Saturday, Feb. 11, individuals have been instructed to meet with at least 15 others to discuss their next steps. The campaign offers a list of possible routes to increase political mobilization including tweeting, attending a town hall meeting and continuing to contact local legislators.

“There is strength in unity, in numbers and in finding solidarity with others,” said freshman psychology major Allison Termath.  “Finding others to act with you may make all of the actions and foreseeable results tangible.”

Kettler discussed possibilities for  the next few actions and said although it is hard to predict the next steps, it’s fair to assume  there will be a call for women to get involved in politics through campaigning for others or themselves.

“In order for the movement to succeed, it must continue to develop through involvement. These movements change the dialogues happening on campus, and highlight conversations that were already taking place,” Kettler said.

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