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Tavis Smiley visits Boise State for the Living Legacy Celebration

Tavis Smiley—who is a TV show host and the author of several books on Martin Luther King Jr’s life, the state of civil rights, poverty and the struggle for equality in the U.S.—spoke in the Jordan Ballroom on Monday, Jan. 23, for the Martin Luther King Jr. Living Legacy Celebration.

During the speech, Smiley recounted the year leading up to the end of King’s life and spoke about the American hero who was battling with the racism, poverty and militarism that had negatively affected democracy in the U.S. 

Francisco Salinas, director of Student Diversity and Inclusion—which had a hand in bringing Smiley to Boise State—felt as if Smiley captured the feeling of what the MLK celebration was about.

“I felt like it created context for what it means to do this work,” said Salinas said.

According to Salinas, Boise State has requested Smiley as a speaker several time before 2017. Smiley was chosen for the Martin Luther King Jr. Living Legacy Celebration.

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