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Boise State study tip: Read assignments

An awesome tip to get the most benefit for your classroom time is to do all of the assigned reading before the class lesson that is covering it. Make sure to take good notes that have space in between sections to add to later. 

Remember, it’s also beneficial to write down any questions that come to mind as you are reading. When you go to class for the lesson, take lecture notes on the book notes you already created, fill in those spaces you left and ask the questions you made notes about. 

With this study method you will have reviewed the course material twice before the lesson is even over and will have already clarified the confusing parts. 

Another benefit of preparing for class this way is that your professor will see a student who is knowledgeable and interested in their subject—having a faculty member think well of you will give you countless benefits in the future, including for letters of recommendation, giving advice and networking with professionals.