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Lauren Bath Q&A

Lauren Bath is one of only three seniors on the team this year

Lauren Bath is one of Boise State’s cheerleaders. Bath is a senior pursing a major in k-12 physical education. She is only one of three seniors on the team this year. The Snohomish, Washington native sat down with The Arbiter to talk about her time in cheer and what Boise State means to her.

A. How long have you been cheerleading for?

Lauren– I have been cheerleading for seven years and before that I was a gymnast for 15 years.  So cheer is a relatively new for me.

A. What made you start cheerleading?

Lauren– When I quit gymnastics I was looking for something else to do and cheerleading was the closest sport to it. I also wanted to get more involved with my school.

A. How does your family feel about about you cheerleading?

Lauren– My family supports me a lot. That was the coolest thing for me to see because they were pretty devastated when I stopped gymnastics.

A. What do you enjoy the most about cheerleading at Boise State?

Lauren– It’s definitely being a representative of Boise State. It’s not about the uniforms for me. It’s about being a role model for all the young kids.

A. What is something about the sport that people don’t understand?

Lauren– People don’t know that we actually compete and they don’t see us has an athletic program. We actually do compete and put in just as many if not more hours then all the other athletic programs.

A. Why did you choose to come to Boise State?

Lauren– It was at the 2007 Fiesta Bowl when Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend that made me fall in love with the school. From then on it was just set in my mind that I wanted to come here.

A. What’s like being only one of three seniors that have been here from the start?

Lauren– It’s been a process for sure. I have been through three coaches but I have enjoyed it because it motivates me to keep the team going and leave them in a good place when I am gone.

A. Describe what’s it like to be a Boise State cheerleading?

Lauren– It’s great because you get to be a role model and be involved with the community. You don’t realize how big of deal it is be one until you see and hear it from other people.

A. What is your favorite thing about being a Boise State cheerleader?

Lauren– It’s the people you get to meet doing it. It’s not only the coaches but also the relationships you get with your teammates and the community.

A. What is your favorite game day tradition?

Lauren– The Boise State side to side. I just get chills every time we go out an do it and get the biggest adrenaline rush ever.

A. What do you want to do after you graduate from Boise State?

Lauren– I hope to take over my mom’s gymnastics gym and I am going to get married in July.

A. What will you take away from your experiences at Boise State?

Lauren– Boise State has set me up to be successful in the real world. It has taught me to open up and meet new people.



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