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A Brief History of Albertsons Stadium

Photo by Nate Lowery The Steuckle Sky Center was built in 2008 as a renovation to now Albertsons Stadium.

Albertsons Stadium has undergone many changes since the current stadium was first built in the fall
of 1970.

 Originally built with the seating capacity of 14,500, the capacity of the stadium has more doubled. Today the total stadium capacity sits at  36,387, making it the sixth largest stadium in the MW.

 Over the past five years, Albertsons Stadium has seen several major changes such as the construction of the Stueckle Sky Center and the construction of seating in the north and south end zones.

 Built in 2008, the Stueckle Sky Center marked the first major renovations to the formerly Bronco Stadium since 1997 when the capacity was increased to 30,000.

The completion of the Sky Center raised the total capacity of the stadium to 32,000.

 The 131,000 square feet  Sky Center features club seating, sky boxes, as well as the press box for
football games.

 In 2009, temporary seating built in the north and south end zones added an additional 1,500 seats to the Stadium before permanent seating in those same locations were completed in the summer of 2012.

 That renovation increased the stadium capacity to what it currently remains at today.

In partnership with the Double R Ranch, Albertsons Stadium was able to make a major upgrade with a new 47 x 78 foot video board in the south end zone.

 Besides the capacity increases and the construction of the Bleymaier Football Center to the north of the stadium, perhaps the biggest change to Albertsons Stadium occurred this past summer.

For 43 years, Boise State football competed in their home games at what used to be Bronco Stadium. A deal between Boise State and Albertsons reached this May led to the renaming of the stadium to Albertsons Stadium.

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