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Boise State football builds recruiting

Fans enter the Bleymaier Football Center. The Bleymaier Center has been monumental in recruiting for Boise State football.

Boise State football has developed a reputation for being both imaginative and innovative, while boasting the best winning percentage in the country over the past 10 years. Winning isn’t the only thing that attracts recruits however.

“A lot of schools are following the trend,” senior    cornerback Cleshawn Page said. “At the end of the day, things like uniforms and new facilities play a big part in recruiting.”

Shock and Awe

As visitors enter the Bleymaier Football Center, they’re greeted by five life-size mannequins sporting various uniform combinations from over the years. Trophy cases line the south window, displaying both 2007 and 2010’s Fiesta Bowl championship trophies; this is only the start of the facility’s visual tour of the program.

Every hallway and room is lined with inspirational messages reminding players and coaches of the hard work needed to make it to the NFL. As they go through meetings and watch films in media rooms, large graphics of former players who have made it to the NFL feed their inspiration.

“Seeing the people up there that have made it (to the NFL) motivates us,” Page said. “You want be the next guy up there.”

The Hype

Max Corbet, assistant athletic director,  feels this new facility is a large improvement from the old one. In the varsity center the rooms were small and the equipment inadequate.

“The locker rooms weren’t even air conditioned,” Corbet said.

He believes people are excited about Bleymaier Football Center, especially former football players and new recruits.

“We feel very positive about this new facility,” Corbet said. “It’s going to have a very positive effect on our recruiting.”

This is just another small step for the Boise State football program as it strives to continue its winning tradition.

“I’m pretty sure any recruit that comes and sees a facility like that is going to be impressed,” Page said.

Nothing but the Best

From the 12,000 square-foot weight room featuring a 30-yard blue sprint turf and 20 Hammer Strength lifting racks to a player lounge with video games, a ping pong table and six flat screen TVs, the multilevel facility has everything a student-athlete could ever ask for.

The best feature about the facility, and probably the most attractive to recruits is the locker room.

Each of the 115 lockers include a top shelf for pads, a drawer located underneath a padded seat for shoes and a steel nameplate featuring the name of a donor that sponsored that particular locker.

A large, illuminated Bronco logo hangs down from the ceiling which grabs visitors’ attention as they enter. In the center of the room sits the Hammer, honoring the player with the biggest hit or play on special teams for the previous game.

Next, is the 6,500 square-foot training room. It’s equipped with ultrasound machines, an anti-gravity G-force treadmill, three rehabilitation pools and many other equipment designed to help improve an athlete’s recovery.

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