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Kelsey Messer ready to cheer on the Broncos

Kelsey Messer  is one of Boise State’s cheerleaders. Messer is a senior pursuing a double major in general business and human resource management with a minor in psychology. The Enumclaw, Washington native sat down with The Arbiter to talk about her time in cheer and what Boise State means to her.

The Arbiter: How long have you been cheerleading?

Messer: This will be my 6th year, but I did gymnastics for 16 years before.

The Arbiter: Do you feel doing gymnastics for that long helped with cheerleading?

Messer: Totally. Everything in gymnastics carries over really well into cheerleading.

The Arbiter: What made you start cheerleading?

Messer: I had a few friends who were ex-gymnasts who had already transferred into cheerleading. They told me I should come do it with them. I got into it the end of my sophomore year.

The Arbiter: What do you enjoy the most about cheerleading?

Messer: Being at the forefront of everything like games, appearances, and events to show students and athletes exactly what we do.
The Arbiter: What is the best thing about being a Boise State cheerleader?

Messer: I am honestly obsessed with Boise State. Just everything we get to do with Boise State and being an ambassador for the school is my favorite part.

The Arbiter: What is something about cheerleading that people don’t understand?

Messer: How difficult it really is. They don’t see the athletic part of it and how much work goes
into it.

The Arbiter: Why did you come to Boise State originally?

Messer: I came and visited the end of my senior year and everyone was just so nice, which made me instantly just fall in love with the city and the university.

The Arbiter: What is it like to be a Boise State cheerleader?

Messer: It is just so surreal and the ultimate experience.

The Arbiter:What is your favorite game-day tradition?

Messer: Doing the Boise State side-to-side, which is where the cheerleaders lead the Boise State chant from each end of the stadium, with one side yelling “Boise” and the other, “State”.

The Arbiter: What do you want to do after you graduate?

Messer: I want to work in human resources. Ideally, I would like to come back to Boise State and work here. Also, I would like to come back and be an assistant coach for the cheerleading team.

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