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What a Win/Loss would mean for Boise State against Ole Miss

What a Win would mean for the Broncos: Bryan Harsin’s energy is more than just talk


Be it hashtags and a Twitter presence, or opening up a program that was as sealed off as North Korea under Chris Petersen, Bryan Harsin has brought energy and led the Broncos with a bounce in his step since December when he was hired to take over his alma mater. Twitter activity does not translate into wins on the football field however.


If Boise State can walk out of the Georgia Dome with a win, it shows that Harsin’s youth and adaptability to the changing landscape has injected the Broncos with a zap of energy. It’s hard to argue against the fact the program became complacent at the tail end of Petersen’s tenure as head coach. All eyes were focused on the rear-view mirror, looking back to those two Fiesta Bowl victories and the past.


Harsin has shown the desire to bring that energy and hunger back to a program rapidly falling off the national radar. Knocking off  No. 19 ranked Ole Miss, an SEC program nonetheless, is justifiable proof that Harsin’s methods have put the fight back into a mostly lifeless Broncos program.

What a Loss would mean for the Broncos: Boise State is no longer a factor on the national stage…

….but that doesn’t mean they can’t be. Boise State has long gone after the best competition they can get to open their season. Wins against Oregon in 2009, Virginia Tech in 2010 and Georgia in 2011 all vaulted the Broncos up the rankings. The past two seasons, however, a marquee match-up spelled doom for the Broncos.


The inability to win big against big-time programs signaled the clocking striking midnight, ending Boise State’s Cinderella story. Not since the final rankings of the 2011 season have the Broncos found themselves ranked in the Top 10 in any of the polls. Boise State enters this season unranked in most polls.


It’s time for Bronco Nation to accept the fact that Boise State enters this season on the outside of the national title talks. A loss against Ole Miss, the marquee opponent of the 2014 season, would only cement this fact.


The divide between the Power 5 conferences and non-AQ schools grows larger with each passing season. If Boise State can’t get back on the path of being a national power soon, they might never have the opportunity to do so again.

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