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Get (IN)volved Fair helps students connect with similar passions

With classes, assignments, work and other responsibilities continually bogging students down; it’s easy for individuals to dismiss the idea of joining  a club or organization because of a lack of time or inability to get in contact with a club.

The Get (IN)volved Fair alleviates this problem, offering a window of time for students to come speak directly with club leaders instead of investigating meeting times online or fussing with email.

The fair takes place twice a year, at the beginning of each semester.  This fall, the fair is open from 5 to 8 p.m. on September 3 on the Student Union patio.

According to the Get (IN)volved website, each year “members of more than 50 student organizations and campus departments will be available to share with you a little bit about what they do.”

Coordinator at the Student Involvement & Leadership Center, Ashlie Baty, explained that club and student involvement with the fair is increasing each semester.

“We’re looking to showcase over 60 organizations this year, and expecting a few hundred students to come out to the event,” she said.

This is the maximum amount of organizations that the space can hold, allowing as many different clubs as possible to present themselves to interested students.

“The fair provides an opportunity to ask questions and meet student leaders face-to-face in a setting that most likely wouldn’t have otherwise happened,” Baty said.

The Get (IN)volved Fair sports a laid-back atmosphere, in which students can come and go as they please within the time frame, participating in club-led games, snacking on free ice cream, and conversing in lawn chairs in the summer sun.  A few of the organization-led activities include Jenga with the Students Helping Integrate Future Transfers, a scrimmage led by the Abraxans Quidditch team, and a showcase by the Karate Club.

Additionally, the fair offers a great place for clubs and organizations to make connections not only with prospective members, but also with each other.

“I love when students leave their table for a few minutes and visit another table and exchange information with each other about their clubs, great ideas for future partnerships, how they can collaborate on projects,” Baty said.

Baty felt that the fair offers a perfect opportunity for students even slightly considering joining a club or organization to scope out their options. She emphasized that students might find themselves interested in a club they wouldn’t have otherwise thought to join.

“Last spring, the S’mores Club participated in the fair for the first time, and finished with over 40 interested students looking for more information about upcoming S’mores Club events,” she said.

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