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Boise State Men’s Basketball revamps team with size

Boise State men's basketball coach Leon Rice completely altered the team's roster with this year's recruitment class. Long known for playing "small ball", Rice added height to the roster this season.

It is no secret the Boise State men’s basketball team stuggled and ultimately had a disappointing season last year.

 With the loss of both Ryan Watkins and Thomas Bropleh, those struggles could increase exponentially. Head  coach Leon Rice has taken notice.

“We lost our best leaders,” Rice said over the summer.

To address this Rice has recently made some key additions to the men’s basketball program.

The new players include transfers Montigo Alford from the College of Southern Idaho and Kevin Allen from Pratt Community College in Kansas.

The three freshmen include Zach Haney from Houston, Texas, Davod Wacker Converse, Texas, and Chandler Hutchison Mission Viego,  California.

Even though the Broncos are returning with a lot talent, such as Derrick Marks and Anthony Drmic, Rice expects it to be a brand new team.

“We got five new guys and it’s amazing how much the landscape and the visual of a team can change with them,” Rice said. “With five new guys, it changes the chemistry, dynamic, and the look of our team and it’s going to be a different team in a lot of ways.”

Last season the Broncos struggled against other teams due to their lack of size. That was something that Rice looked for when recruiting players to join the team.

With Allen, 6’-10”, Haney, 6’-11”, Wacker, 6’-9”, and Hutchison 6’-5, the Broncos have indeed added size to their roster.

“I feel we now have Mountain West size and more Mountain West athleticism,” Rice said. “We have added size, but I don’t feel we compromised our skill level.”

Rice is always concerned on how well new players will adapt to the program.

“Hopefully it doesn’t take as long for these new guys to play well with the others,” Rice said. “I feel these guys are a great fit to the team.”

Time will tell if that is the case.

The Broncos open their season in November.

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