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Boise State Leadershape seminar influences students’ futures

The Boise State Leadershape seminar is hard to explain without sounding rather cult-like as explained by Sophomore and attendant of Boise State’s 2014 session of Leadershape McAlister James Mallory once mentioned.

The program offers a unique opportunity for a life-changing experience through several different seminars teaching students how to think about community empowerment, self realization, and personal vision of the world.

“Leadershape was certainly one of the best university organizations I personally have had the pleasure of experiencing,” said James Moretto, sophomore film and media productions major. “It was very introspective… It helped me discover myself a bit more, helped me realize what exactly I do and don’t value.”

Leadershape was originally created by Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity in 1986 in order to improve leadership on campuses and has since spread to eighty colleges.

Leadershape has an inexplicable ability to help students facilitate thoughts and bring out the truest version of their vision for the world in the future. The program focuses on the individual while creating a community around self-development and acceptance.

“The individuals I interacted with, and the shared intimate moments will stay with me forever… it forced us to work together, struggle together and ultimately become a cohesive and supportive community,” said Moretto.

The program is completely cost free, including meals, room and board and up to 10 hours of seminar a day for one week. Leadershape pushes students to look differently at the opportunities they have ahead of them through reflection and team building activities.

“What Leadershape did for me is it gave me the confidence to go beyond what I think possible for myself to accomplish and see that anything is possible if you have a little faith behind what you are doing”, said Nick Propp  senior biology and dental studies major.

To apply for Leadershape, a student just needs to wait until the application opens up in the spring on the Student Involvement and Leadership Center’s page on Boise State’s official website.

“I would encourage anyone and everyone who is interested in becoming self-aware and an overall better human being to attend!” said  Elena Macover, junior marketing major. “LeaderShape helped me identify and solidify my values.  This has empowered me to be the honest, integral and self-respecting individual that I have always known I could be!”

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