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Boise State hashtag directory implemented

This fall, Boise State will be more social media-savvy than ever before.

In July, the Office of Communications and Marketing implemented a Boise State hashtag directory on its department website.

According to Leigh Ann Dufurrena, a digital and social media communications specialist, the hashtag directory is part of an effort by the university to improve its social media outreach. The university’s social media hub can be found at

“Hashtags on our directory are more than taglines, marketing slogans or catchphrases. They are search terms for aggregating services, plug-ins and widgets and to pull in data from social networking sites,” Dufurrena said in an email.

While #BroncoNation is a popular hashtag for Boise State athletics, it is noticeably missing from the official hashtag directory.

According to Dufurrena, this is because #BroncoNation is used by many sports teams with the Bronco

“The hashtags must be unique in order to aggregate the data wanted, or too much data would be fed through the stream that isn’t relevant,” Dufurrena said.

In the digital age it has becoming increasingly important for universities like Boise State to explore social media outlets to engage with their communities.

“I am sure that the directory will grow with an abundance of hashtags, but I think it’s important for social media users to know that the #BoiseState hashtag is official, and is the one to use for consistency and powerful brand messaging,” Dufurrena said.

According to Dufurrena,  the #BoiseState tag was shared in 15.1 thousand tweets in the month of July alone, with 133 thousand retweets and a 17.29 million tweet reach.

“That’s 17 million people on Twitter who potentially saw #BoiseState,” Dufurrena said. “Using one official hashtag for all things Boise State makes our presence stronger and our voice

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