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Alumni Building goes out with a blaze

Alumni building burned as part of training exercise --Brandon Walton/The Arbiter

After it was donated by Boise State, the Boise Fire Department wasted no time in preparing the old Alumni Building for its final “blaze of glory.”

On Tuesday 17 members from Boise Fire Department were given a rare opportunity to conduct live-fire training. Crews practiced force-able entry and search and rescue, all while engine companies attempted to knock down and control fires placed throughout the building.

“It’s pretty awesome to have this as a training tool,” Fire Chief Denis Doan said.

This opportunity happens for Doans department three to four times a year, which he says is the only time his crews can get this type of training.

“We have to rely on acquired or donated structures,” Doan said. “The only problem is that we don’t know when they’ll come or how often.”

Ten of his men were forced to stay home during the operation, which Doan believes could be avoided with the passing of a new bond in November. The bond would give Boise Fire Department $17 million to build a new training facility, enabling them to practice these sort of training exercises in safe conditions.

Until then however, Boise Fire Department will continue to serve as a cheap labor force, demolition being their specialty.