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Locations Boise State freshmen should check out

For students who are new to Boise, or just away from home for the first time, it can be difficult to figure out where to grab some food without frequenting a chain. Here are five suggestions for where to grab some good grub and get those treasures you can’t live without.

Shige Express – Tucked behind the main entrance of Shige, Shige Express waits until 5 p.m. to open. Tables in Shige Express are set up around a small river that encapsulates the sushi shelf. Freshly made sushi is placed on little boats that float around the river. Customers simply pick the plate they want and commence eating. Shige Express offers a variety of different types of fish, and vegetable sushi combinations are served. If you are at all a fan of fish, sushi or Asian cuisine it’s worth trying out.

Guru Donuts – Guru Donuts is the popup Voodoo Doughnut of Boise. The shop offers a variety of original donut flavors that are unique to the bakery, including the Bart Simpson (chocolate Butterfinger), The Jelly Llama (raspberry lime thyme), the Ghandi (sea salted caramel), and the Maple Bacon. 

Guru Donuts also offers vegan donuts and is a unique part of the Boise culture with many stores around Boise selling their donuts daily: The Co-op, The District, and The Crux to name a few. Their donuts are also available on Bannock Street every Friday, and at the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.

Thomas Hammer – Thomas Hammer offers a remarkable amount of unique coffee drinks that taste fantastic. The general vibe of Thomas Hammer is both friendly and calming, making it perfect for workdays. Their bakery is also extremely varied with treats for the picky or diet restricted.

The Crux – With live shows almost every night, The Crux is balances its dual purpose as coffee shop, and bar well. Music is easily affordable and brings the fresh blood of new and fantastic music to the Boise area. The Crux also hosts several free music events, and always has striking artwork up for the perusing.

Bricolage – The absolutely darling boutique of Bricolage offers a variety of handmade and modified clothes and accessories from Idaho artists. From purses made out of old books to the gum ball machine filled with seed bombs, Bricolage offers something downright heartfelt, and worth checking out.

Freak Alley – The alley between 8th and 9th  and Idaho and Bannock Street offers free to view local art. The brick walls offer a perfect canvas for some of Boise’s most talented artists, with new pieces being added still.

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