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Gymnastics team already prepping for the season

All-American senior Ciera Perkins is leading her team through summer workouts. Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter

While many students at Boise State get time off during the summer to enjoy a vacation, the Boise State gymnastics team has been hard at work prepping for their upcoming season­— even though it doesn’t start until January.

“Our sport is unlike other sports in you just can’t stop and start again,” co-head coach Tina Bird said. “You need that constant repetition and practice all year round.”

You won’t hear any complaining from the gymnasts.

“Dedicating our summer to a sport that we have dedicated our whole lives to is a lot more important than doing other summer activities,” senior Kelsey Morris said. “None of us would want it any other way.”

The team views these summer workouts as imperative if they want to repeat or expand on last year’s success.

“Being here now is the most important part of the whole season,” senior Ciera Perkins said. “This is the hardest part of the whole year. This time of season is the most crucial for us to keep up and keep working hard and pushing ourselves to the limit.”

The team practices four days a week, in the gym all four days and practice in the weight room for three.

“It’s hard but I know we are doing this for a reason,” Perkins said. “It only lasts for four years and before you know it, you are done, so being here now is worth it in the end.”

The team has been having summer workouts for many years now but feels this is their best one yet.

“Everyone’s been coming in and doing their job,” Morris said. “We have had a lot more production this summer compared to other summers.  The girls are doing more than they have to do which gets us excited for the season.”

The Broncos are coming off one of their best seasons in recent memory. They were a mainstay in the top 20 and had a fifth place finish at their regional tournament. In addition, both Morris and Perkins went to nationals, where Perkins earned All-American status in the floor exercise.

“Knowing how good we did last season is definitely motivation for this season,” Perkins said.

But the team wants more.

“This year we have a different mentality because we have nationals on our mind,” Perkins said. “We are pushing ourselves a lot harder in and out of the gym.”

The season may be several months away but that doesn’t matter.  To them it’s all about  preparing themselves for what could be their most historic season yet.

“We are here to make school history,” Perkins said.

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