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Boise State Fans Must Temper Expectations

Sports Editor Nate Lowery

Every year it’s the same old story: “This is our year!” fans yell. “Everything will be different this season!”

If the 2013-14 school year can serve us any purpose however, it’s that Bronco fans must temper their expectations.

Fans expected the struggles Joe Southwick faced in 2012 would be remedied and Boise State would return to BCS-busting glory. All thought a new offense would simplify their game and the Broncos would be just like they were in the glory days of Kellen Moore.

These expectations by fans were quickly crushed one game into the season. A 38-6 trouncing at the hands of Washington in the first game quickly proved that Boise State would not be returning to a BCS bowl game.

Joe Southwick would become one of the most infamous Bronco quarterbacks of all time, leading Boise State to their worst season since 2001, and ending the season in disgrace after being sent home early from the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.

The Broncos would finish the season 8-5, with not even a share of the MWC Championship and two embarrassing losses against Pac-12 schools.

Men’s basketball was a similar story. Despite returning the top five scorers from a March Madness team, Boise State failed to clinch close games and were passed over for the NIT.

The football team has holes across both lines of scrimmage, and while Grant Hedrick is a vast improvement over Joe Southwick, he is still not, nor will ever be Kellen Moore.

Basketball will have its own challenges to face. A tougher schedule and the departure of Ryan Watkins are not the recipe for a March Madness team.

 Are the Broncos going to be the worst team in the MWC this season? Not even close. There is still plenty of hope for these rag tag boys in orange and blue, but Bronco Nation has to temper their expectations.

– Nate Lowery

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