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Students are buzzing about beekeeping

One of Boise State’s many internship projects includes maintaining and harvesting the beehives outside the third floor of the SUB to make products such as honey, beeswax and hand cream.

On Sunday, Aug. 17, these interns will host demonstrations of  working the hives and will co-host guest speaker Kim Flottum, who will speak about a variety of topics concerning bees and beekeeping.

In the past year the news has been swarming with articles about the fate of bees and different factors influencing their declining numbers. Pesticides and herbicides could be influential in weakening beehives. Decisions and changes in agriculture itself and the economy could also play a role. According to Melinda Jean Stafford, Student Union program coordinator, there is still a lot unknown. 

“I think it’s pretty exciting because Kim is such a great scientist,” Stafford said. “What we’re really trying to do is teach people how to work with bees and increase awareness.”

Stafford said she has found it fun to harvest honey and wax from the hives atop the Student Union Building. Some of the interns come in not knowing anything about beekeeping, but they learn about what they can use from the hives, how to handle the bees and harvest honey and wax. The mentality is not to waste anything and produce totally natural products. Demonstrations might include opening a hive and showing a close up of the interior.

Stafford said she is really excited for the event and encourages anyone interested in bees and beekeeping to come. She also wants to extend a thank you to the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club for their mentorship to the interns and helping bring Flottum to Boise State.

****If You Go****

What: “On the RADAR with Kim Flottum”

Who: Boise State beekeeping interns and the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club

Where: Lookout Room (3rd floor of the SUB)

When: Sunday, August 17, 1 p.m.


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