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Boise State computer science program to move downtown

Today on The Grove in downtown Boise Mark Rudin, vice president of research and economic development at Boise State, announced that Boise State’s Computer Science department will be moving downtown in the summer of 2016.

Currently occupying the Engineering Building, the entire department will be moved to the new Clearwater Analytics building downtown where it will rent out two floors encompassing 50,000 square feet.

As bold as the move was to move an entire department downtown, many including President of Boise State Bob Kustra, believe it is a good decision.

“For (students), the advantage of studying and working so close to their future employment is going to be an enormous value,” Kustra said

The deal joins three major groups together who will also occupy the building; The Gardner company, Boise State and Clearwater Analytics.

Near the end of the announcement Ken Gardner, real-estate developer responsible for building of the Zions Bank Building downtown, gave a donation in the amount of $1 million dollars or the equivalent he says to one years rent for Boise State at the new Clearwater building.

“I hope that it will go to help refugees, Hispanics, minorities and women become more involved in the technology area and engineering departments as well as computer science,” Gardner said.