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Acid spill at Boise State closes building

An acid spill at Boise State caused emergency crews to be summoned this afternoon, June 9. The Boise Fire Department Hazardous Material Team responded to a call at Boise State’s Micron Engineering building at 3:53.

According to a news release by the Boise Police Department, one-tenth of a quart of an acid mixture of Nitric and Acetic Acids spilled. The two acids had been mixed in a container that proved unable to handle the chemical reaction.

One student was nearby the spill when it happened, firefighters arriving at the scene waited until her precautionary decontamination shower had finished before transporting her to the nearest hospital for evaluation.

Boise Hazardous Materials Team has since cleared the scene but will not allow access to the building until tomorrow morning while it gets cleaned. According to an update put out by the Boise State Emergency Response System, the building will be reopened tomorrow.

For more information about the spill go to and check back for updates as they become available.

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  1. maybe Boise State should just let the University of Idaho do all the research…

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