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VP of Student Affairs Lisa Harris welcomes new students

Lisa Harris welcomes you to Boise State University!

We are thrilled that you have made the decision to join the Bronco family. I want to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips as you begin your new adventure with us. Here are a few things I hope you keep in mind, because we have some expectations of each member of our campus community:

Go to class. Be an active partner in your education; show up, do your homework, be prepared. You’ll find that the Boise State experience is a richer, more satisfying one for you, and you’ll be able to meet the academic goals you set for yourself.

Review and learn the Student Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook.  You will be required to uphold its standards and regulations.  Here is the link to that page at

Pay attention to your learning outcomes for the foundational studies. These are building blocks for your future education at Boise State.

Get involved in some meaningful way that links you to our community. Work on campus. Join a sport, a club or student organization that complements your major.

If you’re a freshman, start planning now to graduate in four years. If you’re a transfer student, plan now to graduate “on time.”

Check and READ your Bronco Mail frequently—your professors use it and so does the university for official notifications.

We encourage you to “Opt in” to the university’s emergency notification system on Bronco Web to receive campus emergency

As a student, it’s important to know that your personal information is confidential. If you want your parents or other family members to be able to call the university to access information about you or help with an issue, you must fill out a Release of Information on the Registrar’s website. 

The vice president for Student Affairs and our staff, including the Office of the Dean of Students, are committed to providing proactive and comprehensive advocacy for you. We can assist with personalized referrals for on-campus resources and services to help work through student issues, personal concerns, and medical and family emergencies that can impact academic

Call the Office of the Dean of Students at (202) 426-1484 or visit them in Room 116 of the Norco Building. 

Other departments include Student Affairs are:   Bookstore & Bronco Shops, The Career Center, Children’s Center, Disability Resource Center, Enrollment Services, Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Fraternities and Sororities, International Student Services, Multicultural Student Services, New Student & Family Programs ,Student Involvement and Leadership, Student Media, the Student Union Building, Campus Recreation, University Housing, Veteran Services, and the Women’s Center   

For more information about departments, resources or services of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs visit their website or call (208) 426-1418.