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Student Involvement and Leadership Center helps students get involved

Get (IN)volved. You’re going to hear that often at Boise State. You’ll see those words stamped on giveaways, printed on posters, and shouted from university websites, Twitter and Facebook. Why? Because involvement on campus will add value to your university experience. The office of Student Involvement and Leadership Center is here to help.
By only going to class it’s possible that you’ll miss out on a very important aspect of your academic career. So why take the chance? While studying for biology or writing that English paper, don’t forget to think outside the classroom. You’ll be better prepared for the future.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently surveyed employers in the business and nonprofit sectors to find out what they were looking for when hiring new college graduates. More than 75 percent of employers surveyed said they want to hire graduates with strong critical thinking, complex problem-solving, written and oral communication skills and applied knowledge in real-world settings—skills difficult to develop when you’re just listening to classroom lectures. It’s when you get out and get (IN)volved that you can hone skills and become the employee that’s in demand.

Maybe you want to join one of the more than 200 student organizations that include everything from academic, professional and religious groups, to sports, arts, and cultural clubs.  Or maybe you want to join a sorority or fraternity, where you’ll build positive relationships and lifelong friendships, develop leadership skills, and serve the community.

You can also participate in any number of volunteer projects, concerts, movies, lectures or other events on campus. If you want to advocate for fellow students, serve through the Associated Students of Boise State University, a great way to shape the policies that affect student life. Expand your worldview by immersing yourself in an international service experience. Last spring students helped improve education in rural communities in Jamaica through an ongoing service program called Partnership Jamaica.

Getting involved on campus doesn’t mean the same thing to every student. The activities you choose depend on your interests and what kind of spare time you have. So, customize your own plan. Identify what works for you and go for it.
Take advantage when you see the words “Get (IN)volved.” The difference between just going to class and participating beyond the classroom is like choosing between a fenced-in yard and an open field. Unlatch the gate. Get out there and explore the many opportunities at Boise State.

For more information, visit or call the Student Involvement and Leadership Center at (208) 426-1223.