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Boise State TRiO aids student success

TRIO Student Success Program—A Unique Opportunity

Joining the Boise State TRIO Student Success Program (SSP) at Boise State University can be life-changing. Highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds are admitted to SSP and offered a variety of tools to help them become successful while pursuing a four-year degree.  College is an exciting opportunity for students, but it can also present unique challenges.

How will I adjust to college course work?

  • Where can I find a support system?
  • How do I balance working part-time and being a student?
  • Who do I ask when I have questions?

As a SSP student, you are part of a community of students who have both asked and discovered the answers to those very same questions.

How It Works: From the first day of your fall semester, you are assigned an academic advisor you can meet with regularly. New students are also matched with a Peer Mentor and offered an array of student engagement opportunities on and off campus. One former SSP student described her experience in the program:

“I started college with no idea what I was doing or where to go for help.  Becoming acquainted with the staff, services, and resources at SSP introduced me to a safe, friendly place to go to ask for help, study, learn new skills, and overall, become a better, more successful student. I have achieved more than I ever imagined I could and graduated with a 3.66 GPA.”

 SSP builds a community for high-achieving, underrepresented students to ensure academic success at Boise State University and beyond! For questions about the program, please email