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Boise State Service-Learning provides volunteer opportunities

Boise State Service-Learning is unlike any classroom experience you will have while at Boise State because it involves far more than the classroom. What is Service-Learning you ask? The details are easy enough to explain, although the enjoyment and satisfaction can only be experienced.

Service-Learning is, first and foremost, a hands-on way for you to connect the classroom to the community. As part of a Service-Learning class, you will select a service project with a nonprofit organization through which you apply the concepts and lessons learned in the classroom. These service projects are designed to meet a critical need in the community and may involve everything from assisting refugees to restoration of the Boise foothills and so much more. In some classes, Service-Learning is fully integrated into the coursework, while in other classes, a service project may be completed for additional credit or in place of an assignment, such as a research paper.

There are many benefits to service learning, which is why over 2,300 students signed up for a Service-Learning class last year. Thirty-three departments offer Service-Learning classes, from 100 level to graduate classes.  As the name suggests, Service-Learning transcends the classroom by integrating teaching and research, scholarship and engagement, learning and doing. The product of your work will demonstrate your skills in a real world situation, not through a paper that will sit on a shelf. You will not only gain an appreciation of how your discipline impacts the world but the satisfaction, as well as knowing that you have made a difference in the community. Moreover, the experience and your new network of community members gained through your service project are invaluable when applying for jobs or graduate school.

In the Service-Learning office you will find several programs that connect you to the community, enhance your learning and address critical community issues. One of those programs is the Community Work-Study program where you can develop leadership experience with local non-profit agencies while earning your work-study award of up to $4000. Another program is the “Leadership for Social Change” class (LEAD397) which is offered each semester for students who want to empower themselves and others toward becoming social change agents.

The Service-Learning office exists to connect your education to the community, because at Boise State, our community is our classroom. To learn more, contact the Service-Learning staff at 426-1004, send an email to or visit You can find Service-Learning on Twitter at @servelearnBSU or #engagedbroncos. On Facebook at find the most up to date news and events. Service-Learning staff are always here to answer your questions and get you started with your community engaged learning.