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Boise State President Bob Kustra welcomes students

Welcome to Boise State!

From convocation to commencement, the faculty, staff and I are dedicated to guiding you, supporting you and helping you launch into the next phase of your life.

In the past decade we’ve doubled our graduate programs and taken great leaps into online and mobile learning. We’ve built well over a million square feet of new academic, athletic and housing facilities. We have reshaped core classes to provide the kind of shared learning that will build the skills you need to propel you into your careers and lives—problem solving, communication, innovation and teamwork, ethics and diversity—in addition to the mastery you will develop in your chosen field of study. Of course, all of these changes, as well as our fast-growing research efforts, are designed to maximize your academic experience.

Interested in saving some money? Seriously consider our graduation guarantee program—Finish in Four. Not only will it save the extra tuition that additional semesters would cost you, it will accelerate your move into the job market or graduate studies. And if you agree to stay on track to graduate in four years, we will give you priority when registering for classes. If you follow the path and still can’t get into a needed class on time, we’ll pay for the course when you do take it. It is important to your success to begin on this path in your first semester, so please talk to an adviser about how to sign up.

Engaging with the community around you can truly enhance the college experience. Each year, Boise State chooses a “Campus Read” to start conversations and build our university community. This year, we’ve selected “The Odyssey of KP2: An Orphan Seal and a Marine Biologist’s Fight to Save a Species,” by Terrie M. Williams. This engaging look at science and ecology will be read by all new students and we look forward to campus-wide discussions and related events throughout the coming year.

As with all of aspects of life, you will get out of college what you put into it. We are here to help. Make sure that you:

  • Meet your academic adviser to discuss career goals, program requirements and tutorial support.
  • Connect with people who are knowledgeable in housing, financial aid, job opportunities, and health and wellness.


Join a student organization and meet new friends — your educational experience will be greatly enhanced through your participation in clubs, campus events and service activities.
We are so proud to have you here at Boise State. You will find committed faculty and staff, a spirit of collaboration across campus and a glowing pride in the transformative educational experience you’re about to begin. Again, welcome and Go Broncos!

Bob Kustra