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Boise State Multidisciplinary Studies offers non-trads degree options

Capitalize on a Lifetime of Learning

If you are a non-traditional student struggling to find a major that fits your diverse passions the Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies degree (MDS).might be your ticket to completing your long-awaited dream of a bachelor’s degree.  This degree is designed to help working adults successfully complete a degree while balancing “life” with school.

Need a completely online option to complete your degree? Consider the Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies online degree completion option.

The Multidisciplinary Studies degree is designed for students with 58+ credits and at least five years of work/life experience.  Through a customized Individual Degree Plan (IDP) students design and receive approval for course selections designed around specific personal and professional goals.  Upper division courses are taken in a variety of disciplines sometimes focusing on a minor as part of the degree plan.

The Multidisciplinary Studies degree is also one of eight majors available through Boise State AfterWork. You can work your plan for the degree around weekend, evening, and online classes.

For more information please contact or 426-3721 for more information.  Visit our web site at

Here’s what our graduates are saying about the program


I like the MDS program because it provides flexibility to allow students the ability to design the courses they want to take in coordination with the MDS requirement’s to achieve a bachelor’s degree.  Students can take advantage of past courses previously taken, spread out in many areas, and combine them to meet the MDS goals. They can select courses that fit their strengths and past experiences. The degree allows students a wider venue to meet individual time schedules and allows students to work at a pace that works for them.

John – Trustee

The MDS program is perfect for me as a returning student working long hours at the bank.  The ability to take courses in the evening and on the weekends works well with my schedule. The MDS 300 course is one of the best courses I have ever taken.  It sets you on the path to success! With my degree plan and the wonderful support of my advisor, I will have my degree in no time!
Amy Kesner, A.V.P., Treasure Valley Admin.& Corporate Security Officer
D.L. Evans Bank-Boise


Enrolling in Multidisciplinary Studies program has been a huge boost to my career. It has been a great opportunity to learn new skills and technology.

Grant Haag, VP of Produce Operations

WinCo Foods, LLC