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Boise State International Student Services welcomes students

Boise State International Student Services (ISS) welcomes international students and American students alike. From Asia to Europe to the Middle East, from California to the Carolinas, ISS is a place where all students can meet and learn about one other.

ISS helps international Broncos understand the U.S. education system, immigration compliance, and the adjustment process involved in living in a new culture.

Associate Director Christy Babcock said, “Cultural differences, language, and immigration regulations can create confusion for everyone involved. We like to smooth out that confusion and create understanding and friendship. When students feel supported, they develop a sense of confidence and connection to our campus community and Boise becomes their home away from home.”

To encourage intercultural understanding, ISS invites all students to participate in a variety of activities: game nights and karaoke, ice-skating, biking, visits to local hot springs, and pizza and bowling parties. Their signature event, the Annual Food, Song and Dance Festival, is also an opportunity for international students to share their culture, food and music with members of the campus community and the City of Boise.

ISS produces a newsletter, the International Insider, to keep the campus community informed of cultural events. To get on the subscriber list, email

Babcock said, “Everyone at Boise State benefits from having international students … our local Broncos get to experience other cultures and languages without even leaving campus.”