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Boise State eCampus adds flexibility, variety to scheduling classes

Online learning through Boise State eCampus (online education) lets you add flexibility and variety to your class schedule each semester, while helping you stay on track to graduate.  Online classes are offered year round and are held to the same standards as in-person classes – in many cases the online and in-person section is taught by the same instructor.

How are online classes more flexible?

Online students don’t meet at a specific time or place each week so you can access classes whenever and wherever there is an Internet connection.  This doesn’t mean eCampus classes are self-paced or don’t have deadlines.  In the same manner as in-person classes, eCampus classes follow a regular schedule with regular due dates and deadlines.

Are there special requirements for taking an eCampus class?

You should have excellent time management and computer skills, as well as regular access to the Internet with a reliable connection. Some classes may have in-person requirements such as a proctored exam or you may need a webcam with a microphone to interact with the instructor.

Who can take online classes?

All students at Boise State can take online classes; unless you are enrolling in a fully online degree program, there is no special application process required. However, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to complete the online readiness assessment to ensure you have the characteristics needed to succeed online!

What types of classes are available through eCampus?

There are over 400 online sections available through eCampus and include:

  • Major & Minor Requirements
  • Foundational Studies Requirements
  • Lower division (100 & 200 level)
  • Upper division (300 & 400 level)
  • Graduate (500 level)
  • Electives and Workshops
  • Student Success Classes

How do I register for eCampus classes?

View a complete list of online classes on the eCampus website or search for classes in your myBoiseState Student Center.  To learn more visit us online at