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Albertsons Library helps students study and succeed

The Top 10 Best Things about Albertsons Library

What are the top 10 things Boise State students say are the best about Albertsons Library?

1. You get help when you need it wherever you are. Just ask! Send a text message (208) 546-9982, use IM to chat with a librarian from our website, call us at (208) 426-3301, or visit the Reference Desk on the first floor for help with assignments, research, citations and other questions.

2.  Creation tools at your fingertips:  We have software for editing videos and scanners available for your use.  New this summer – 4 Raspberry PI devices and, coming soon, a 3D printer.  Watch for news on Facebook or Twitter.

3.  Tech devices for checkout:  Don’t want to haul your laptop around?  That’s OK.  Borrow one of ours!  We have iPads, laptops, Macbooks, headphones, and lots of cables and devices for you to use.

4. Access eBooks and online videos. Via Albertsons Library you have access to tens of thousands of eBooks and online videos searchable using the “eBooks” and “Videos & Music” tabs.  Need help with that?  Use the “guide” Electronic Books at

5. Find your hideaway for quiet study. The library gets quieter as you go up.  The third and fourth floors are quiet floors intended for silent study if you need to concentrate.

6. Or find space for group work. The Library offers group study rooms on each floor of the Library.  Some are first-come, first-serve; some you can reserve through the main desk (Circulation) by the door on first floor.

7. Extended hours when it counts. We are open 24 hours a day during finals and dead week. During other weeks in the semester we are open 7 days a week; until midnight Sundays-Thursdays.

8. Albertsons Library’s award winning social media sites. Follow us on Twitter (@BSULibrary), like us on Facebook or check out the latest news on our blog (

9.  Instructional Videos:  The Library’s YouTube site offers over 100 videos to help you get your work done from how to cite a web site in MLA to how to find a peer reviewed article.  See them at

10. Friendly folks. From the student workers to the staff to the faculty, the people at Albertsons Library are ready to help you find your way in cyber space and on campus.

Come in and check out a parachute or a model of a human heart.  See our newest book display, find KP2 and get candy, or get help researching a topic such as, do livestock farts add to our global climate change problem?  And, of course, you can find Albertsons Library on your favorite mobile device at

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