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Advising and Academic Enhancement supports success

Boise State students who regularly and actively engage with academic advisors are more aware of the University’s academic opportunities, are more informed participants in their academic experiences, and generally feel a higher level of support from and investment in Boise State University.

Advising and Academic Enhancement (AAE’s) mission is to advance student success through advising excellence, academic skill building, and campus collaboration.  AAE’s advising services will help you:

  • Understand University requirements and academic policies
  • Explore potential majors that best align with your interests, abilities, and values
  • Develop an academic plan towards graduation
  • Select the best courses according to your academic goals
  • Identify the best course of action and campus and community resources when academic and/or personal challenges arise
  • Facilitate contacts with college and faculty advisors


In addition, AAE’s Academic Enhancement services support Boise State students by providing:

  • Learning Assistants (LAs):  LAs are specially trained learning facilitators embedded in some of the University’s most challenging courses (like Calculus and Chemistry).  Students who attend LA sessions consistently earn higher grades and are less likely to have to repeat the course—which helps them stay on track to graduate.
  • Tutors: AAE can help you get in contact with tutors in many academic fields.
  • Skill-Building Workshops:  At no additional cost to you, AAE workshops will help you strengthen your test-taking strategies, study skills, note-taking, and time management—all of which are vital to student success.

AAE’s advising services tend to focus on those students who have not yet selected a major, but we welcome anyone who has questions about their academic plan or needs to identify resources that will help them achieve success at Boise State University.  Please come see us or contact us at:

Address: 114 Academic & Career Services (across from the Rec Center and the SUB)

Phone: 208-426-4049


Thank you for choosing Boise State University!  We look forward to helping you on your path graduation!


Tomas Baiza, M.A., Ed.D.

Director, Advising and Academic Enhancement