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Bronco Stadium becomes Albertsons Stadium

Bronco Stadium has a new name.

It will now be called Albertsons Stadium as both Boise State officials and Albertsons officials came to a long term agreement that sees Albertsons taking over the naming rights to the stadium.

Albertsons and Boise State’s deal is for 15 years and worth 12.5 million dollars.

This deal has been 17 years in the making as Boise State has been trying to sell off the naming rights to the stadium since 1997.

Albertsons now joins Taco Bell as the latest company to sponsor the university. Boise State and Taco Bell also came to a 15 year deal back in 2004.

This deal between Albertsons and Boise State seems to be the perfect fit as both institutions have been instrumental in the state of Idaho.

Albertsons was founded in Boise in 1939 and ever since has been a mainstay in the state and a vital part of the community. Last year the company moved its headquarters back to Boise after a seven year hiatus and felt this was a perfect way to make their return felt.

Read more here:’s was founded right here Boise back in 1939 and ever since have been a mainstay in the state of Idaho. The company recently moved its corporate headquarters back to Idaho after a seven year hiatus.

“This is a 15-year deal,” Albertsons CEO Bob Miller said. “We bought the stores a year ago March. We’re anxious to let people know we’re here to stay; this is our corporate headquarters and it’s going to stay that way. And this is a good way to reinforce that message.”

Negotiations between Boise State and Albertsons began just a few months ago and it wasn’t long before the two parties came to an agreement.

Both Boise State and Albertsons are hoping this is a start of long term relationship with one another and are looking forward to working with each other.

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