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The stories from the 2013/2014 school year you don’t want to miss



Danielle Allsop

Drunkorexia consists of three behaviors:


  1. Skipping meals in order to save calories or compensate for increased caloric intake from consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  2. Excessive exercising in order to compensate for calories consumed from drinking.
  3. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in order to become sick and purge previously consumed food.


According to a University of Texas study, 30 percent of females between the ages of 18 and 23 had participated in one or more of these behaviors.


Eunhyan Kim’s Journey to Boise State


Ryan Thorne

An escapee from Northern Korean government and current Boise State student, 18-year-old Eunhyan Kim managed to illegally cross the northern border into China and travel through a vast swath of south eastern Asia on her path to freedom. She now studies English at Boise State.


One ply toilet paper gets the job done at Boise State- barely


Mallory Barker

The truth is, wiping hurts. When nature calls and there is nowhere to turn but the bathroom on Boise State campus, your keister may not like the environment.

I would like the toilet paper to be upgraded,” said Nicole Nimmons, interim director for transportation and Parking. “I know that would be a substantial financial impact. Luckily in my office I can bring my own so I don’t have to worry about it.”


Guns on campus bill approves by legislature


Ryan Thorne

Idaho House members voted to approve the controversial Guns on Campus bill (SB 1254) Thursday, March 6 after nearly an hour of debate.

“It was drafted without any input from those in the education community,” said House member Ilana Rubel (D-Boise). “No university was consulted, the State Board of Education was not consulted, no advanced studies were conducted.”


Professionals discuss the psychology behind eating disorders


Isabel Carona

College students are at an elevated risk for developing eating disorders and Boise State students are not exempt.

The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) reported 25 percent of college-aged females used binging and purging to manage their weight.



Karla West, Ph.D. and director of counseling services, said peer pressure is a major reason why young people are so vulnerable to developing eating disorders.


“They are still learning and developing that whole identity process—psychological development of identity—so that influence can be much stronger during those years,” West said.


Bill to make revenge porn a felony


Eryn Johnson

Revenge porn is the sharing of private photos or videos in the attempt to gain sexual gratification or extort an individual. Previous to the bill the ‘revenge’ was difficult to prove, mainly because of the legal gray area of who owned the videos or photographs and whether or not the person knew they had been disseminated and when the photos were aired.


Recently passed bill H0563 will now protect individuals from post break-up extortion by extending the laws of video voyeurism. The bill changed the terms of voyeurism to include not only sexual gratification but also any other damaging aspects such as extortion or humiliation. Video voyeurism is also known as ‘revenge porn.’


Trey McIntyre project exits Boise


Alx Stickel

Isabel Corona

The audience rose while the dancers bowed for their lengthy standing ovation as the Trey McIntyre Project concluded their last Boise dance performance in the Morrison Center.


Saturday’s performances signaled the end of the dancing component of Trey McIntyre Project (TMP). The dancers will disband, but the name of the project will remain when Trey McIntyre takes the company in a new direction.


Although not everyone in the audience knew the history of TMP, the experience of seeing a passionate creative performance stood for itself.


Coach Pete Leaving

It’s old news Coach Pete left this year. Our Assistant Sports Editor, Michael Steen, called his departure back in September:

 In the past seven seasons, not many teams have experienced the kind of success that Boise State has had.

Under head coach Chris Petersen, the Broncos have gone an incredible 86-9 since 2006, including 5-2 in bowl games, with two Bowl Championship Series (BCS) victories in 2007 and 2010. The success Boise State has had should make fans worry more than ever about Chris Petersen leaving the Treasure Valley for a new challenge, and they shouldn’t be surprised  if he does.

Here are three reasons Chris Petersen could be leaving Boise State sooner than the Bronco faithful think.

1. The disintegration of the BCS

2. Boise State not going undefeated recently

3. A bi-polar fan base


Boise State puts football funding to use

In a Q&A session via email, Max Corbet, associate athletic director/communications, answered some questions about where Boise State’s football revenue goes. 

Q:How is football revenue disbursed around campus?

A: The breakdown ranges from salaries for coaches, scholarships for student-athletes, recruiting expenses, operating expenses and capital projects.

 A capital project would be the new Bleymaier Football Complex, the Stueckle Sky Center, those types of projects.

The amount in 2011-12 we spent on scholarships for all our athletic teams was $3.4 million.   

Student-athletes can inquire about information regarding scholarships from the coaches in their respective sports.

The allocation of those funds is bringing Boise State some much needed notoriety. Alicia Jessop with “Forbes” magazine published an article last week based off the 2011-12 State Board of Education’s data, ranking the top 25 football teams’ revenues and expenses. Boise State made the cut, listing at number 19 with $8,537,612 total football expenses versus a whopping $15,345,308 in total football revenue.

These numbers do not reflect all expenses but does show how the university’s budget for athletics compares to many other programs.



Bob Rosenthal: The voice of Bronco Stadium

“And that’s another Broncos… First down!”

For the last 27 years, Bob Rosenthal has been the only consistency with the Boise State football program. Amidst the numerous league changes, coaching swaps, player graduations and stadium expansions, Rosenthal has been the Voice of Bronco Stadium.

Rosenthal is now the general sales manager for Cumulus Radio – owner of popular local stations like KTIK, KBOI, KIZN, KQFC and the Eagle – and has become a staple in the Bronco game day experience as the public address announcer.

His face is not recognizable, and most will only recognize him by his deep, bellowing voice, but Rosenthal is content being a small pawn in the production that is Boise State football. After numerous year of experience in play-by-play and color commentary on radio and television, Rosenthal has learned that less is always more.

“It’s very humbling and I’m always gratified when people react the way the react when the figure out who I am or hear my voice,” Rosenthal said. “My job isn’t to do play-by-play. It’s all about the fans.”











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