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Explore Summer Classes with Extended Studies

Ah, summer. That time of the year when students attend classes and…

Wait, what?

The definition of summer does not have to be one of sleeping in, spending 16 hours a day in front of a screen binge-watching media content or just goofing off with friends. There are many ways your summer can be fun, while still remaining productive.

Just ask Mark Wheeler, dean of Boise State’s Department of Extended Studies.

“We have over 600 courses offered during the summer, and expect over 8,000 students to register for summer classes overall,” Wheeler mentions. “There’s a whole assortment of classes about Basque culture, and then there’s classes put on by the Desert Institute, which include desert ecology and one about the birds of prey of the Great Basin,” Wheeler explains.

Of course, classes in the real world aren’t the only type of classes offered during the summer. “A lot of people are taking advantage of online courses. Forty percent of registration activity (on the website) is for online courses,” Wheeler admits.

“Maybe (students) want to travel or go back home, and they can still take courses if they’re online.” Ultimately, “Two-thirds of students who graduate on time take summer courses”, Wheeler states, making it a highly appealing opportunity for students. “The meat and potatoes of summer courses are whatever students need to get their degree.”

For more information, visit the Extended Studies website at or call 426-1709.

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