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Service-learning exhibited in ILC

Courtesy Service Learning

Before the end of this semester, Boise State’s  Service-Learning organized the Service-Learning in Action Exhibition, which was displayed in the Interactive Learning Center May 6-9, and was seen by many students from around campus.

Blake Dietz is one of the students who liked the exhibit but wished it was more engaging.

“I think it is good to know what campus is doing as far as it goes to service-learning initiative; I do not know if it is my favorite way of letting us know about that though. Posters are kind of a static thing, so it is hard to bring me in and get me interested,” Dietz said.

Dietz believes service-learning is a good opportunity and provides real-life experience.

“Think as a student: you go to classes, but you are never introduced to the real world; it is a lot more different out there. It is very joyful when you see how much you learn, and how much you enjoy learning. You can also see what you learned in class and apply it to helping people specifically,” Dietz said.

Mike Stefancic, program coordinator for the Service-learning program at Boise State and organizer of the Service-Learning in Action Exhibition, discussed the goal of the exhibit.

“The purpose of the exhibition is to highlight and celebrate the work of service-learning students as well as faculty and community partners in the Boise area,” Stefancic said.

The 50 shows in the exhibit are the best chosen from over 60 shows that were submitted to the Service-Learning Program. The 50 shows represent all the collages and departments who submitted posters from around campus.

“One of the main goals, it is reflective process for the students to think about their experience that they have worked on throughout the whole semester and connect it to their learning, and also for the other students to see the work of their peers as well as the community partners so that they can all share what they have done together,” Stefancic said.

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