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Bowls of Heaven

As you walk into the bright, clean and fresh smelling Bowls of Heaven you fight off the urge to buy everything on the menu.

They offer a variety of whole food smoothies and bowls, which are a mix of blended fruit, granola, and honey.

Despite the healthy label, the bowls taste more like something you would get from Aspen Leaf: sweet, tangy, perfectly smooth, but not too overpowering so you can taste the real fruit in every bite.

Behind the counter, owner Kim Lam Johnson explains many of the health benefits of eating at Bowls of Heaven.

“If you ever go anywhere, even if they say whole foods smoothies, they’re still diluting it with ice… We’re a hundred percent fruit,” Johnson said. According to Johnson, all smoothies are a mix of acai berries, g3, and all natural fruit.
“The idea behind the bowl and the whole food smoothies is that you’re getting everything…They’re meal replacements. Instead of going to Burger King, you can come here a get bowl. They’re totally nutrient dense, you’re getting your fruits and vegetables.”

Smoothies and bowls have a high fiber content, and help you get the nine to 13 servings of fruit  and vegetables you need per day. G3 is a health supplement derived from Chinese Lycium fruit, Siberian pinapple, cili fruit that is known to help cellular regeneration, stop effects of aging through DNA protection, and defend against vascular and cellular free radical damage. Antioxidants in acai berries and g3 protect and prevent free radicals from attacking your immune system.

“College students especially need to watch their immune systems, as stressed as they are,” Johnson said. For students who are struggling with staying awake and being efficient during finals, she recommends Sambazon’s Amazon Energy drinks,  Cordy Max Stamina Boost supplements and Age Loc vitality supplements. Before starting her own Bowls of Heaven store, Johnson had a pretty drastic change in her own lifestyle.

“I worked for AT&T for 13 years…and it was just really stressful.” Johnson said.

She decided to take a leave of absence to find her bearings.

“I just got healthy, ‘me’ time, you know? I started working out, lost 10 pounds, changed my diet… I became more aware, I watched a lot of food documentaries.”
Johnson often shows food documentaries like “Food, Inc.” in her store to help educate customers who come in.

“It’s fun every time someone comes in here they learn something  new, something life changing.” Currently Johnson is working on a plan to move the store to downtown Boise where she feels she will be able to serve a more target audience; however, she enjoys the location of the store because it is right near where her son goes to school.

“If you can incorporate bowls into your lifestyle instead of going through the drive through, they are just as satisfying and it will boost your energy levels, it will boost your immune system,” Johnson said. “It is a dessert for a meal.”

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