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Sprread: It’s not a punch card

A new app has been making its way around Boise, trying to promote local businesses. Sprread is designed to work like a punch card, where different local business give rewards for posting seven pictures onto the app.

“Sprread rewards locals for buying local,” said Jackson Reed, creator of the Sprread app. “We believe that local independent companies strengthen our economy and keep our neighborhoods unique.”

Reed moved to Boise to work for a water company but found his niche when the owner of the Taj Mahal, a restaurant in downtown Boise, asked how he could promote his business.

“When the Taj Mahal asked me to help them, I came up with this app and decided it could help other local businesses, too,” Reed said.

Sprread uses pictures to count as punches. When a person is at a local business and takes a picture of their food, drink or something inside the business, they can then upload it to Sprread.

The app uses Google’s database—if Google recognizes the picture as a local business, it will verify the stamp.

“We are noticing more people are taking pictures of their food and drinks and posting them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so we thought why not utilize what people are already doing,” Reed said.

Reed and his team are trying to get their app better known by targeting the locals of Boise, primarily college students.

“We are trying to help keep local businesses alive; by doing that we need to target different groups of people,” Reed said. “I mean, Boise State students do occupy a big population of Boise.”

As of fall of 2013 there are 19,664  students enrolled at Boise State.

Ryan Beecher, junior communication major, had never heard about Sprread, but does like the idea of it.

“I would use it, I know that I forget my wallet at home or loose punch cards so it would be nice to have them all in one app,” Beecher said.

Reed is now promoting his app in other states on both the east and west coast in hopes that he can “Sprread” his app to other local business and help market them.

“I am hoping that this app will bring in more business for local businesses and continue to grow,” Reed said.

Sprread can be found on both iPhones and Androids in the app store.