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May is easily one of the most beautiful months of the year. It is the peak of Spring, where flowers are blooming, trees are looking alive, and people are getting outside to do super awesome activities. May is also a big, fat reminder for students and teachers that school is almost over, for the summer! May has always given me a sign of relief, a sign of happiness, as I finally see the “light of freedom” from escaping education’s challenging clutches.

May is also a month to celebrate a very special someone. Someone who has always stood behind your back, making sure you always made the right choices. This person is your MOTHER! YEAH! For me, my mom, Claire Axtman-Sitts, is one the most influential human beings I’ve ever met. She’s gorgeous, she’s genuine, funny as hell, and is a role-model for anyone.


mom grad


My mom was born on November 22nd, 1973, to my grandmother Sheila O’Halloran, and grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho. My mom has always been active, always getting involved. Throughout high school, she would cheer lead, play volleyball, play basketball, and she even did ballet. After high school, Mom attended Carroll College in Montana, where I was born and entered her life. Once she had me, she was able to finish college and get her Bachelor’s. Ever since then, Mother raised me, my sister Kayla, my step sister Brittani, and my baby sister Rylee.





In this past year, Mom has helped with so much with college. I couldn’t be more than thankful for my mom. I’m a Momma’s Boy and I am damn proud of it. All while she is helping me with college, she’s also working to help raise my sisters and keep a roof over their heads, including mine. I honestly wish everyone could meet her and just experience how awesome she really is. She works hard, she gives the best advice, and she has the best personality, and will make you smile no matter what. I’ve never felt so blessed and I would never replace my mother for anyone else in the world. She totally deserves to have a blog entry written about her, for she is a super hero in my eyes. My mom is da bomb.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you so much. Everything you do is great and if it weren’t for your support and tender love, I honestly would be nowhere near I am, today.


Love your #1 son, Jake

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