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Local Cheap Eats

Walking through the Interactive Learning Center at lunchtime is enough to make anyone’s stomach rumble.  The thought of the same old orange chicken, burger or sandwich just doesn’t sound good.  Not to mention, eating on campus is starting to take a chunk out of the old budget.

Luckily, there are a few alternative restaurant options here in Boise. Of course, there’s some criteria that has to be met for us broke college students.  First, the portions have to be filling for a few bucks. Second, it has to be within walking distance of the campus or possible to get to by bus.

Take the bus from Boise State down to Main Street. From there, it’s a short walk to Guido’s Original New York Style Pizzeria.  Located behind the Flying M Coffee house on 5th and Idaho.  Right around five bucks will buy two slices of pizza.

Large slices of thin crust pizza are cut when ordered.  Choose from pepperoni, vegetarian with fresh red and green peppers and red onion, fresh basil, cheese or the daily special.  The slices are placed in the oven to warm up before being served.

Another option within walking distance of Main Street is the food truck Azteca parked at 6th and State behind the Capitol building.  Among their large and tasty selection are dollar tacos.  A choice of hard or soft-shell tacos with azada, pork or chicken served authentic street, topped with onion, cilantro and red sauce.  Be sure to get there before the normal lunch break because even on rainy days a line starts forming early.

No need to take the bus for this one, just need nerves of steel to brave the traffic to cross Capital Boulevard.  But for a bowl of one of Papa Joe’s homemade soups, it’s worth it.  The selection includes, chili (seasonal), clam chowder, minestrone or creamy cheddar cheese soup.  The creamy cheddar cheese soup is recommended because it’s rich, thick and creamy and has chunks of bacon in it.

Bus routes are available next to the transportation office in the SUB or online at

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