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Living on campus benefits students


It’s your first day of college. You don’t know anyone there or in the whole state for that matter. Suddenly, you have that, “Oh crap, what was I thinking” moment.

Although I initially had this feeling when I moved from California to attend Boise State, over the last four years I developed a deep love for Boise and my fellow Broncos. I know this connection wouldn’t run so deep, however, if I hadn’t spent three of my four years living on campus.

As a freshman, I lived in the boonies, otherwise known as Towers Hall. What could be seen as isolation was in fact the perfect environment to foster friendships.

Although living on campus is generally more expensive than living in an off-campus apartment or with your parents, it is definitely worth it. Sophomore health science studies major Lisa Francis said the communal environment of Driscoll Hall allowed her to make more friends than she would have by simply going to class.

“If it’s financially possible, I would definitely suggest it. Not only for getting involved and connected, but also for the independence,” Francis said. “You live with your parents for 18 years, it’s a very unique and good experience to live with a bunch of people that are different than you.”

Philip Storm, resident director of Towers Hall, said student services tries to make campus services as available as possible to all students, but it’s generally easier for students who live on campus to be involved.

“It’s just an awesome opportunity where you have that support system right here, where as students who aren’t living on campus have to search out a little bit more and make that initial contact,” Storm said.

Francis said she felt more connected than her friends who lived off campus.

“I know that I had a lot of people I met later through classes that expressed disappointment because they would go to school and go home from school, just seeing the people that they had already known. That was not the case for me,” Francis said. “It enabled me to go on more adventures.”

Storm said another advantage for students who live on campus is that they tend to have higher GPAs than their counterparts.

What more could you want out of your college experience than good friendships and respectable grades?