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Four Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Should be Queen of the World


Hello everybody and welcome back to Common Culture. Today was a slow news day so I thought I would just talk about something I love – Ellen DeGeneres. I think the only people who don’t love Ellen are those without souls, because Ellen is a gift to the world. So on this blog, I am going to give four reasons explaining why Ellen is a gift to the world and why I think we might as well just give it to her. The whole thing. Because she deserves it.

1.       Ellen is so funny. There’s something about a talk show host with a sense of humor who’s actually funny that immediately earns my endless love. Ellen’s opening monologues, the segments on her show, her pranks and her social media presence are always gold, A+ earning comedic bits. Ellen always has a smile on her face and doesn’t take life too seriously. The whole premise of her show is to be able to make people laugh, even if only for an hour a day, to better their lives. And to be honest, it works. My family and I used to watch Ellen together every day and would end up laughing with tears down our faces sometimes. That is quality time you don’t forget, and Ellen is to thank for it. If you don’t believe me about how funny this show can be, watch this clip, I dare you not to laugh:

 2.       Ellen is so cool. At 56 years old, Ellen is cooler than most people I know. She has excellent fashion sense, is always up on the current trends and fads, and has no problem making fun of herself, playing games, or acting like the kid she is inside. Ellen is such a good sport and she doesn’t let anything get in the way of having fun. Check out this video to see Ellen being so cool I don’t even know how to describe it:

 3.       Ellen is so generous. I don’t know anyone who has a bigger heart or gives more than Ellen DeGeneres. Every day on her show, she is giving money to those in need, bringing attention to causes that need it, and making a positive difference in the world. She supports so many charities and organizations that, with her help, can make real, important changes. Ellen understands that her fame can be used to make the world a better place and she constantly does so. She is a true inspiration for what we should all hope to be: (I am tearing up watching this video right now! Man, Ellen is the best!)

 4.       Ellen is a role model. In a time where gay people were still hiding the truth about themselves, Ellen was brave enough to come out. Since then, she has served as a role model for so many people who felt that they weren’t represented in mainstream media. Ellen has fought tirelessly for gay rights, standing up for people like her and against bullies and laws and discrimination that keep them down. Ellen has championed with the “It Gets Better” campaign to prevent youth suicides due to the pressures of coming out. She is a hero, an inspiration, and someone  who cares endlessly about the well-being and happiness of others.

Is my love for Ellen showing? Pop culture has its share of stories about new haircuts and expensive vacations of various celebrities, but it also does the important job of giving us figures to pay attention to and look up to. Luckily, a few of them are people we can respect and aim to be more like, and I’m thankful I have Ellen as one of those!


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