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Bandcamp is a website that allows for free music downloads.  Here are some of the artists to consider next time you’re in need of a new playlist.

Days N’ Daze

Album: Rogue Taxidermy

Favorite song: Misanthropic Drunken Loser

Folk Punk

Dayz N’ Daze has a range of genres in their album Rogue Taxidermy. From Blue Jay to Day Gaunts, this is by far one of Dayz N’ Daze’s most impressive albums. The raspy voices and ska-like elements they add to the folk punk genre pairs well with their songs’ generally quick rhymth. This well-written and well put together album is fantastic to listen to in almost every situation.

Home Alone

Album: There’s a Light Coming Through

Favorite Song: Drive All Night Shoegaze- dreampop

The melodic sound of Home Alone’s “There’s a Light Coming Through” album seeps into your thoughts leaving feelings of nostalgia and unease in your ear canals. The band currently  resides in Toronto, Canada, and made Bandcamp’s weekly music show with their song “Drive All Night.”

Ollie North

Album: Bringer EP

Favorite Track: Bringer

Ambient This strange and melodic band is perfect for night time drives and moments when you are unable to fall asleep. Although the EP is only three songs, Ollie North will add a unique feeling of the sun shining through closed blinds to your music library.


Album: S/T

Favorite Song: Nothing Left but Stale Beer

Punk Rock Rumspringer is an instant classic if you’re looking for songs for long nights. The slightly offbeat songs go from hard to follow to perfectly fitting after several listens. The chorus of their song “Nothing Left But Stale Beer,” “I don’t want to remember everything I did when I was younger,” is easily the most relatable lyric from their music and it’s easy to find yourself mouthing it as you glance at a lost relationship or find an old photo.

Sea Oleena

Album: Sleeplessness

Favorite Song: Untitled

Ambient lo-fi indiepop With the explanation “Sleeplessness” is “three seasons’ worth of endless nights and half-lived days,” on Sea Oleena makes a nest in your heart with seven whispered songs on their “Sleeplessness” album. Each song has a soft beat and melodic lyrics that go in and out of coherence.

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