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Students swarm for debate

With finals looming around the corner, it seems that tension is high among students on campus. Today,  members from the Global Outreach Church in Boise stood in the Quad reciting Bible passages and condemning passersby to hell. Many stopped to watch or offer their own opinion.

“The wage of sin is death,” said Jim Lewis, pastor of the church. “To reject Christ is Hell.”

Lewis believes that this hard nosed approach works to gain attention.

“If we stood here doing what people should do,” Lewis said. “Then people would walk by uninterested.”

Nearby a fellow member of the church holds a two-sided poster, one side reads “You deserve Hell,” the other “Jesus Saves.”

The scene progressed until local police were called for crowd control and Fox News Channel 6 arrived to cover the story.

(Video courtesy Farzan Faramarzi)